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Aluminium Holly wreath

Aluminium Holly wreath

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Aluminium Holly wreath.

Built to last! These unique and highly individual Holly wreaths are hand crafted in aluminium. A framework holds aluminium holly leaves which are intertwined with LED lights. These weatherproof LEDs allow for exterior use (although battery pack must not be submerged in water). Powered by two AA batteries and can be set to “on”, “flash” or “off” position.

Deep red berries are interspersed around the wreath to add daytime colour.

Size is 38cm/15″ approx and can easily mounted by the built in hook which doubles up as a holding bracket for the battery pack.
Please be aware that the holly leaves are as sharp as real holly leaves and care should be taken when handling.

There is a choice of red, green, cool white, and warm white LEDs. ​​Please email Matthew at matthew@aluminiumart.co.uk with your choice. Batteries can easily be replaced but are not included

Price includes delivery to within the UK.
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